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 Guangzhou VA-SO Plastics Co., Ltd is a trading plastic enterprise that specializing in Sabic ( SABIC Innovative Plastics Co.,Ltd.) engineering plastic importing and exporting business.
Main Products and Service
We supply engineering plastics like Noryl PPO(modified polyphenylene ether), Lexan PC (polycarbonate), Valox PBT (polybutylece terephthalate), Ultem PEI ( polyetherimide ), Cycoloy PC/ABS ( PC and ABS alloy ), Xylex PC/PET and Xenoy PC/PBT, etc. Meanwhile, we provide our customers with related plastic material,Datasheets, MSDS,ROHS test report, SGS report, REACH certificate,FDA certificate, EU regulatory certification, UL certificate and COC/COA report, etc.
Company Advantage
VA-SO Plastics is not only a professional engineering plastic materials supplier of Sabic in China, but also focus on technical support and all-round solutions. Meanwhile, we offer a series of assistance like providing material identification, mold design and shaping processing, etc. ... [Detailed]
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